Pareah Townsite and Kane County Movie Sets
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Pareah Townsite and Kane County Movie Sets

April 26

The Pareah town site was first settled in 1865 by a Mormon group led by Peter Shirts. In 1867 settlers began to arrive at a rapid pace which led to the start up of farming and the production of good crops for several years, even with the toils of running a very difficult irrigation system.  Pareah continued to grow through the 1870s, gaining a general store, a church, a number of sandstone houses and many log homes. The nearby Paria River flooded every year from 1883 to 1888, washing away fields and even some buildings. This led to the beginning of people starting to move away and by 1892 there were only eight families left.  A lone bachelor prospector held out and lived there until 1929 and shortly thereafter the Pareah town site was empty. In later years the Hollywood film industry became interested in the picturesque ghost town, with its canyon vista background, as a location for making Westerns.  Eventually, it fell into disuse after the filming of The “Outlaw Josey Wales” in 1976.


Pareah Townsite
US Hwy 89
Kanab, Utah


April 26


Ken Sizemore